Be your own pilot.

Aviator line®  is designed from an endless urge to show what working in the present should be: independent, active and with courage. Specifically designed for entrepreneurs and companies who determine their own course. Aviator line® creates an athmosphere, and when an athmosphere is right, everything is. Space is created, to work in a way that fits the present. Do what you want to do, where you want to, and how you want to. Be your own pilot.

Design as working inspiration

Meet a piece of furniture which originated from the belief that work can be fun and inspiring. Aviator line® is a translation of the ‘New Work’ idea, designed from a ‘less is more’ perspective. Its functionality results in an active and healthy work environment. By being user-friendly, the program distinguishes itself from others. The Aero-desk is a perfect piece of working furniture because of its legroom, flexibility, and intelligent desktop construction. The Navigator-cube provides an active and balanced posture with a surprising storage below the seat: the ‘Flap’. Aviator line® is a valuable addition to the present way of working, for the company operating in the present. “Don’t waste your time or time will waste you”. (bron: Muse).


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