1 May 2014

Simplicity as solution for flexible working

With a constant decrease of talent on the labour market, it is important for an employer to stand out in an attractive way. Today’s employee has a growing need for an inspiring, creative and healthy workplace, where is room for meeting people, creativity, collaboration, flexibility and individual growth.

Happy employees work effectively and efficiently
The new challenge for employers is to create an attractive work environment which satisfies the needs of the employer. This is because a happy employee provides many benefits. A blissful employee will produce 20% more than a colleague working in a different environment. A good feeling also results in less stress, which will decrease absence through illness. An employer who focuses on the health and happiness of his employee, is appealing for both existing employees and new talents on the labour market. Design gives a number of direct solutions to be a wanted, inspiring and healthy employer.

Aviator line® its simplicity as solution
“The solution to problems like these often lies in simplicity,” says designer Bert Klaaysen. “With the Aviator line® we create solutions to individual demands such as job satisfaction, creativity and health. We also offer a solution to meet in an inspiring work environment. ”The excentric design of the Aviator line® distinguishes itself by providing users as much freedom as possible due to its user-friendliness, its legroom, delicate design and a good look-and-feel. The Navigator ensures an active and healthy posture. The Flap will give the necessary space to store items. There is also a possibility to equip the Flap with a logo or text from your company or organisation. Aviator line® is a valuable addition to the new way of working, for the company of the future. “Be your own pilot!”

For more information about Aviator line® please visit www.aviator-line.com.

Experience the effect of design in our Design studio
We invite you to the Design studio of Klaaysen Design, to see what the added value of design is in the daily practice and how to create a work environment which centralizes enjoyment of work, creativity, meeting new people and health. The Aviator Line® is also present in our studio. Next to the Aviator Line®, the Design Studio also includes an impression of the Saltego-line, which got a “special mention” at the German Design Award 2014. When visiting our studio you will receive a confirmation of our view on design and you will receive more information on the effects of an attractive working environment and on the transformation into that.

The Design Studio of Klaaysen Design is located in the Netherlands. The address is:
Kanaalpad 61, 7321 AA Apeldoorn.

Visits by appointment only.
Please call us to make an appointment at

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or send us an e-mail at info@onairfurniture.com

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