Design Aviator line®

Aviator line® is an idea and design from Bert Klaaysen which originated 6 years ago. Just like the ripening of a fine wine this design needed its time as well. A simple idea went from the heart to the head, landed, and came to life on paper. As a starting point, the idea had to be simple: to create space for creative thinking and working for the new generation of entrepreneurs. Responsible for the graphic design and art direction is Wouter Klaaysen. It is this joint work engagement and commitment what created Aviator line®. Originated from an unbridled urge to show what it is like to work in the present time: independent, active and with guts. Specifically designed for entrepreneurs and companies who determine their own course. The graphic design, website, music-video clip and art direction, has been created by Wouter Klaaysen (among others).

About Bert Klaaysen

For decades, Bert Klaaysen has been an extremely committed, independent furniture- and interior designer. Strong-willed, original and critical. To himself and his projects. He translates the wishes of the user into a concrete solution. He doesn’t do this on his own. He has a wide and international network around him. And yes, despite a wide range of projects he still likes to go the extra mile. For each project, small or large. With the same enthusiasm. More info about Klaaysen design?

About Wouter Klaaysen

My name is Wouter Klaaysen, creative and entrepreneurial from Dive creative. I observe and listen to what interests me. Music is an important part of my life. I like to listen to it, but I also produce it myself. Its story excites me. You can’t see it, but it exists in your own imagination. Everyone experiences this in a different way. This is what inspires me to come up with something that does not exist yet, but is desired. Step for step. Towards a new design of Dive creative Apeldoorn.